Health Insurance Plan Experts in Colorado

Advice for Choosing a Plan

Health insurance is complicated. How do you make the right choice? Here are several tips to help you get started on the process. Our experts are always available to answer questions, explain the process, and help you make the right choice for you.

1. We will verify that your doctor accepts the insurance for you.

2. Estimate your health care needs.

               Tip: Reviewing your deductible and medical expenses from 2016 may provide the best estimate.

3. Weigh the risks and rewards of your previos plan.

               Tip: Multiply each plan’s monthly premium by 12, then add the out-of-pocket maximum. That amount is how much you could pay in total if you suffered a medical crisis this year. Consider the average PPO plan vs. the average high-deductible plan.  PPOs—the most common plan offered by employers—let you see doctors in- and out-of-network but charge the highest  premiums. High-deductible health plans have individual deductibles over $1,300 and family deductibles over $2,600—but much lower premiums. When you do the math, though, you'll find that the plans with the lowest premiums carry a hidden risk—more of your money is on the line if you ever get sick.

Remember: If you're relatively healthy and you have enough savings to cover a health care emergency, a high-deductible plan often makes sense, especially if you add a HSA to help cover costs. But if you tend to have high health care costs and you're short on savings, take a careful look at your potential outlay—it may be worth paying more upfront for better coverage later. Insure Health Experts uses comprehensive tools to guarantee our clients choose the most beneficial plan.